Shvaas Automotive: Terms of Use

Kindly go through the following carefully prior to using the website

Shvaas Automotive requires all website visitors to comply with the Terms of Use as stated in the following section while using our website. Kindly take a look at the following Terms of Use and read carefully. While using the website, you are taking a note and accepting the Terms of Use. If you don’t accept these terms, you can avoid using the website. Shvaas Automotive holds all the right to edit, modify, or update any Terms of Use without prior notice. You can view the current update on Terms of Use from the Privacy Policy section, from the bottom of the website. Other additional terms highlighted elsewhere on our website also govern your use of the website.

The Terms of Use stated here are only applicable to Shvaas Automotive website. This website shall not be regarded as an invitation for investing or dealing with security encircling Shvaas Automotive.

Trademark and Copyright

All the content published on our website, inclusive of designs, interfaces, text, graphics, or code, are the property of Shvaas Automotive. These materials are licensed to Shvaas Automotive under the Indian and other copyright infringement laws. Other assets, including the trade names, service marks, and trademarks, are also under the proprietary rights of Shvaas Automotive and its subsidiaries or registered partners, directors, or owners that have the legal right to use these marks.

You are not permitted to utilize, edit, distribute, copy, showcase, reproduce, license, publish, and create derivatives from the material listed on the website. You do not hold any right to transfer or sell any kind of information, products, software, or services of this website. There are some exceptions to the aforementioned rights:

  1. Printing or downloading webpages of the website only for your non-commercial, non-profit, and personal purpose. However, you do not hold any right to redistribute or reproduce the content for any commercial gain. You can not edit or delete any kind of proprietary information from the materials printed or downloaded from the Shvaas Automotive website. Each of the webpages consists of the copyright notice, which must be present on every document.
  2. Except that mentioned in paragraph I., the logos and corporate names must not be modified or leverage without seeking proper permission from the management of Shvaas Automotive.
Forward Statements

Numerous pages listed on the website include some forward statements. These statements relate to the operations of Shvaas Automotive and are based on the expectations of the management, projections, and estimates about Shvaas Automotive, effective from the date of the statements made. The statements, however, does not guarantee future performance or foretell risk, assumptions, or uncertainties. Additionally, these statements are made on assumptions that may not turn out to be accurate. Hence, the outcomes in reality in conjunction with results might turn out differently from what is believed in these statements. In such cases, Shvaas Automotive holds no obligation to rewrite or change these statements mentioned on the website.

Frames and Hyperlinks

The Shvaas Automotive website may contain external links directing to other websites. In such cases, Shvaas Automotive holds no responsibility or any kind of liability for what’s been posted on these external websites. Even though the website is affiliated with Shvaas Automotive, the company holds no obligation. Any external link you find on the website is only for your convenience, and you need to access it at your sole discretion and risk. These links do not authorize the endorses or sponsors of Shvaas Automotive to use any kind of service mark, trademark, design, trade name, or any kind of copyrighted materials. In case you wish to build any hyperlink to the website, you are required to seek the prior written approval of Shvaas Automotive.


Shvaas Automotive takes no responsibility or offer a guarantee regarding the completeness or accuracy of the content published on the website or the one listed on the affiliate website o external link. Any kind of decision taken by use depending on the information that you obtained from our website comes under your responsibility. Neither Shvaas Automotive nor any of our affiliates will be responsible for any kind of direct, consequential, punitive, incidental, or indirect damages caused due to the inability to access or access to the website.

The website and the information, services, materials, products, and information does not provide a warranty of any regards. Shvaas Automotive does not guarantee or imply that the features contained on the website are error-free or uninterrupted or are devoid of any kind of harmful components or viruses.

Limitation of Liability

In no case shall Shvaas Automotive be responsible for any kind of consequential, exemplary, incidental, punitive, special, indirect, or direct damages whatsoever, even though Shvaas Automotive already has been advised regarding the possibility of the potential damage, be it under negligence or otherwise.

Applicable Laws

The material listed or published on the website is aimed at providing information about the products and services offered by Shvaas Automotive. The website is handled and operated from Jetpur, India. We do not tend to imply that the content pieces and graphics published on the website are designed or written for use outside of the territories of India. If you are accessing Shvaas Automotive website from outside of India, you are completely responsible to comply with the local laws and regulations that are applicable. The local laws and regulations may prevent you from viewing or using the website.

Your complete use of the website will be governed in all ways by the local laws and regulations of India. Shvaas Automotive’s failure to comply with any of the Terms of Use mentioned above shall not waiver of or provide any right. It is important to note that the course of conduct among parties or any kind of trade practice shall not be eligible to change any of the Terms of Use mentioned. Shvaas Automotive reserves the right and responsibility to change the Terms of Use without any prior notice. Shvaas Automotive makes no claims that the content or any other material used on the website are completely appropriate or free to use for other purposes. You hold the sole responsibility to access the website from any other location. You are not allowed to use or export any kind of material to any other location or territory. If you decide to access the website from any other location, you can do so at your own risk and within compliance with the local laws.

Export Controls

You can not export and/or re-export any kind of information or any products that you access on this website except that in complete compliance with that of all the laws and regulations of India. The use of the website or any of its material other than the ones mentioned above is prohibited.

You are not allowed to acquire, transfer, ship, export, or re-export any information that you procure from this website. You are solely accountable for complying with any kind of local laws available in your country, which can directly or indirectly affect the information, products, or services that you find on the website.

Severability & Integration

The Terms of Use statement includes the complete agreement between Shvaas Automotive and you in regards to the website. In case, any section of the Terms of Use turns out to be unenforceable or invalid, the other sections on the website will still remain effective.

Termination or Access Restriction

Shvaas Automotive holds the right to terminate the Terms of Use or this Agreement, or to suspend or terminate any access you have to the Shvaas Automotive website at any point in time, without any cause or prior notice. When you encounter such suspension or termination, you lose the right to access the Shvaas website almost immediately.


Should you have any questions regarding these Terms of Use, you can contact Shvaas Automotive at *******Contact Information