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We share our sincere gratitude for showing your trust in Shvaas Automotive and all the time investment you made while reading our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy represents our approach towards protecting your privacy as well as the personal information that we may have received from you.

We have prepared our Privacy Policy to save you from any privacy breach. At times, we can also additionally ask you to offer your personal information to serve you better. If you decide to provide your personal information, we can use it according to this Privacy Statement. By accessing our website, you share your consent to the statements of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Statement applies to all the users of Shvaas Automotive. Any other users of Shvaas Automotive website may have the custom privacy statements for any type of activity. The Terms of Use mentioned in the Privacy Policy may be different from the Privacy statement.

Objective of Privacy Policy

The objective of the Privacy Policy of Shvaas Automotive is to provide answers to the questions that you might have regarding our operations with the personal information that we might have collected from the website. At Shvaas Automotive, we want you to understand that your privacy will be protected with us.

Modifications to the Privacy Statement

We hold the right to modify our Privacy Statement at any point in time without providing any type of notice. The most updated Privacy Statement can be accessed by clicking on “Privacy Policy”, which is at the bottom of the website. The use of the website might, in turn, be subjected to the other terms as highlighted in our Terms of Use and anywhere else on the website.

What Type of Information We Collect? How We Use It?

We are thoughtful of the fact that you intend to know our company better while you visit our website. In the same way, we also hope to know about your needs as a potential customer, current customer, or shareholder from your visits to our website. On some webpages, you can ask questions, ask about any information or receive information.

Collection of Private Information

Some webpages on our websites do not need any kind of identification or registration. Although some webpages might ask you questions and require you to register in order to provide you with additional information or any kind of offers. On these webpages, Shvaas Automotive may ask you for any personal information that is important to us to respond you. Take for instance–your name, electronic mail address, mailing address, and telephone number. If you want to opt out of providing us with personal information, you can access our Shvaas Automotive website. But, you might not be unable to find certain categories of promotions or receive the service or product information that is provided through the Shvaas Automotive websites. In addition to this, you may not be able to receive responses or any kind of requests for information, materials, interactive advertisements, etc.

Data Integrity

We undertake practical steps to safeguard your privacy. We hold the limit of collection as well as processing of the personal information that you offer to us for the purpose provided.

Consent to Offer Your Information

We seek your approval to receive your information when you want to subscribe to any kind of services or programs. While doing so, we also share with you the objective of the collection of personal information. We, in turn, provide you with the option to not share your consent. If you decide after a while to subscribe to the service or program, you can opt for it. If we want to utilize this piece of information for any kind of purposes that come out to be different than those for what the data has been initially collected, Shvaas Automotive will request for your permission.

Aggregate and Statistical Data

When you access our website, we do not seek any personal information regarding you without taking your permission. But we might collect some kind of aggregated data known as web log information as well as use cookies while you visit any of the Shvaas Automotive webpages. For example, while you visit our website, our web server will identify you for any kind of non-personal information. We can receive information regarding the time and date on which you have visited the site, visited page, referrers, browser types–Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer, operating system–Windows 8 or Mac OS, device type–Computer, Smartphone, Tablet and domain name of your ISP. This kind of information enables us to identify the customer interest and undertake any market research activities–surveying browsing habits or monitoring traffic.

Shvaas Automotive contracts along with the third parties for serving ads. These types of ads are also integrated for collecting any anonymous information regarding your visits to Shvaas Automotive website. The third parties might utilize this information for delivering the content when you are visiting any other websites for encouraging you to revisit Shvaas Automotive website. The data gathered is absolutely anonymous, and no personal information is going to be shared or stored. To opt-out of this advertising, you can click here for us to manage your data.

Neither our web beacons nor our web log information gathers any personal information–contact number, email address, or your name.

In some of the cases, Shvaas Automotive might gather information regarding you and that you are voluntarily submitting the general statistical information–gender, age, household size, preferences, zip/postal code, and interests.

Cookies and Web Beacons

When you view our Shvaas Automotive website or any of the interactive advertisements, we might even gather some non-personal information regarding you. The collection of the non-personal data has been carried out using the “cookie” technology or through “web beacons”. Our cookies or our web beacons or web log information would never collect any kind of personal information.


While you check out our website or its interactive advertisements, we might store some data on your device. This data can be integrated through a small text file, which is also known as “cookie”. Cookies enable us in numerous ways for making your visit more seamless and valuable to you. For instance, these cookies prevent you from logging in every time you visit our websites. These also enable us to customize our website or advertisement for matching your interests as well as preferences in a better manner. Shvaas Automotive does not collect any kind of personal information. However, we might combine the non-personal information collected automatically using your already submitted personal information. When this kind of non-personal information is gathered and matched with the submitted information, we will consider this combined data as the personal information. These cookies may not be read from your hard drive. Also, these cannot read cookie that have been already created by any other website. In case, you erase the cookie, you will still have access to the website.

Web Beacons

Web beacons are key channels to help us identify if a page is viewed or not. If it is viewed, we also get to know how many times it has been viewed. When you want us to provide you with the information regarding a promotion or any kind of newsletter, we might use web beacons for establishing the number of emails actually opened. In general, any kind of electronic image that is viewed as a web page, may function as a web beacon.

How Do we Process the Information?

We use the information, which you offer us. It helps us understand your needs better and be able to offer you with better services and products. Primarily, we would utilize the information that you offer for communicating with you in a better manner and for updating you regarding our services and products with special offers. The Web logs help us to identify any potential threat or risk when any person is trying to misuse our website. We might share the web log information along with any kind of associated personal information with the law enforcement agencies when we think that we have sufficient evidence regarding a violation of security or any kind of breach.

Periodically, we might reach out to you to ask you about the use of our products or in order to offer you with any kind of marketing information, which we believe might turn out to be useful to you. Of course, it is not compulsory for you to participate in such surveys or even accept the marketing data to access our website.

Is My Information Going to Be Sold to Any Third Party?

Definitely not. Other than specifically offered for in this Privacy policy, we shall not sell or can share your personal information that you provide to us to any other unaffiliated third parties or marketers for their personal use without your consent. We might turn your personal information–name, email addresses, and mailing addresses open for our partners, vendors, contractors or partners that have anything to do with Shvaas Automotive.

The vendors, partners, or contractors are prevented by law or to contract from accessing this information in any way for providing services for Shvaas Automotive, while we might not share or resell your personal data. The services these stakeholders offer for Shvaas Automotive are inclusive of mailing product samples and contacting the stakeholders of Shvaas Automotive contests.

There might be a situation wherein we might need to share your personal information with any third party. In addition, Shvaas Automotive also holds the right to distribute any information for responding to any authorized information requests coming to us from the governmental authorities or when it is required by law. For instance, we might need to share your information when an applicable law, governmental regulation, or court order, when any criminal or similar legal investigation and/or proceeding in India or abroad is being undertaken.

Personal data gathered from you might also be transferred to any third party on the occasion when the business or any part of it along with the customer data is connected, sold, transferred, or assigned. In such a case, we shall need the buyer, transferee, or assignee for treating your personal information in regards to this Privacy Statement.

Links to Any Other Sites

This Privacy Policy Statement is applicable only for this website. It does not apply to any other Shvaas Automotive websites or any kind of third party websites. We might also offer links to any other websites that we think might be of interest or benefit to our visitors. We intend to ensure that any such website is of a high standard. But, owing to the characteristic of the Internet, we may not be able to guarantee the privacy policy of website to which is being linked or is responsible for the contents of any kind of sites other than ours. The Privacy Policy is not aimed at or applies to any linked website. We ask you to thoroughly read the privacy policy statements from all linked websites.

Privacy and Protection of Children

The website is not designed for, or is directed to, the children of age 13 or under. We might not knowingly gather, disclose or use any personal data from any minor, who is under the age of 13. If we are able to identify a child under the age of 13, whose information is shared with us, we will remove it immediately from our records and systems. We highly encourage parents towards playing a strong role in their children’s Internet activities. In addition, you should talk with your children and prevent them from disclosing any personal information to websites.

Data Security

Shvaas Automotive is completely committed to having the data you offer us secured. We can take reasonable and practical precautions for protecting your personal information from any kind of loss, alteration, or misuse. We utilize all the appropriate technical, physical safeguards, and administrative to protect the data that is concerning you. Of course, no organization including us could guarantee the complete security of your personal information. You need to keep in mind that the Internet transmissions, especially the email transmissions, will never be 100% secure or completely error-free.

Accordingly, we want you to protect your own device, user name, and password against any unauthorized access. Vendors, partners, or contractors of Shvaas Automotive who might have access to your personal data for providing services for Shvaas Automotive are needed to keep the data safe and confidential and are not allowed to use this data for any other purpose than for carrying out the services they have been performing for Shvaas Automotive. No one at Shvaas Automotive or business units has access to any password or credit card information that we utilize secure connections for completely encrypting this data on our website for protecting it during the transmission.


Occasionally, the visitors will find an opportunity to send these product sampling opportunities or any kind of information on the website to any friends/relatives or for sending messages using our website or any interactive advertisements to the friends/relatives. The personal referral data that you provide for facilitating the communication is utilized on a frequent basis and will not be further utilized by Shvaas Automotive for re-contacting referred individuals, except in circumstances where we obtain consent from the people you have referred for receiving any communication from us. We might also retain any information to improve our service.

Photo Policy

We would appreciate your submission to the Shvaas Automotive’s social media channels– Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Please consider the following policies and guidelines:

All the categories of content, including photos, text, images, videos that are submitted or linked on our website or using social media is the complete responsibility of the person who created the content.
Shvaas Automotive holds the right to prevent any content, which is deemed inappropriate, slanderous, obscene, or malicious and might prevent users from contributing such content.

You need to remember that the Shvaas Automotive website and its social media channels are for the public. Any kind of information that you share might be viewed by others. By posting any content to the Shvaas Automotive website or social media, you allow Shvaas Automotive the permission to present, change, reproduce and/or distribute the content without any kind of compensation.
By participating in Shvaas Automotive’s social media channels, you release Shvaas Automotive from any kind of liability be it any kind of damage, liabilities, losses, judgments, expenses, or costs, which might arise out of any claim made by a third party related to any type of posts you have made.

Updating Your Information

We encourage our website visitors to update this information, which you provide using a new mailing address or an email address. This is going to help us to continue to provide information that matches your interest and meets your needs.

In addition to this, we also comply with the laws and regulations, which are applicable to the right of amending your personal data in our files. These rights are withheld in some ways. Besides this, to protect your personal data from any unauthorized access or alteration from the third parties, all the types of requests for updating or accessing the information will remain subject to the verification of the requesting individual.

Accessing Your Information and Contacting Shvaas Automotive

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, you can contact us:
Our website empowers you to decide on whether to receive or prevent receiving any kind of communications from us. In order to request the removal of your email address or contact number from our mailing list, you can visit the Contact Us page. You can send a message along with your request.

Your Acceptance of Our Privacy Practices

By accessing Shvaas Automotive website or any interactive banner ads, you can show your acceptance of our privacy policy statement. You also show that you adhere to the terms as well as conditions that are posted on the website.

If you don’t agree to any terms or conditions in this privacy policy statement, you should not use the website or submit any kind of information.