Producing Oil that Spills Highest Engine Performance

Powering Civilization without Suppressing the Environment’s Breath

  • Shvaas Automotive is an independent oil manufacturing company headquartered in Jetpur, Gujarat. Our journey to providing crude oil and lubricants of the highest quality begins with our intrinsic focus on technological innovation, environmental stewardship, and safety.
  • At Shvaas Automotive, we take an ingenious approach to yield high-quality oil and natural gas while offering economic benefits to our customers.
  • Our operations are diversified with the inclusion of exploration, production, transportation, and distribution of crude oil and liquefied natural gas. Since our founding, Shvaas Automotive and our researchers have been reinventing new formulas for producing oil that meets the lubrication needs of all vehicle types.
  • Shvaas automotive is constantly on the move to meet the standards of the oil manufacturing industry by meeting all ILSAC and API specifications.
  • We reflect on the lubrication needs of the current and future engines to produce oil that optimizes engine performance. Our engineers and scientists leverage technology to optimize the production rate of our existing resources.
  • Our sophisticated approach for energy exploration helps us locate resources and produce oil and gas resources for powering the civilization. Besides the production, we take an intrinsic approach to transport oils to match the supply with the demand safely.
Our Vision

To deliver the best engine oil products to our business family through our exemplary practices, excellence, and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Our founding and operations rely on integrity, optimism, work ethics, sustainability, and innovation. We are on a mission to ensure…..

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Our Promise:
Minimal Carbon Footprint

To curb the emissions of GHGs, we are dedicated to integrating environmental-benign processes in our plants. Our efforts to decrease emissions dwell on promoting a circular economy with up to 99% recycling potential of resources. We have a dedicated research and development team, well-equipped with the latest technology to revamp conventional processes with sustainable oil-producing practices.

Our multidimensional focus also helps us improve energy efficiency with the economic consumption of power and heat. We ensure environmental-friendly disposal of waste and strive to minimize our carbon footprints.

To say the least, sustainability is our strategic priority.


Our Quality Policy

Shvaas Automotive Pvt. Ltd. is a growing oil manufacturing company in India. We take calculative steps to scrutinize the strict quality of products, right from the raw material, production, to transportation, distribution, and disposal stage.

We, at Shvaas Automotive, intend to offer products that reflect true value with unparallel support and service by our trained professionals. Below are our strategic steps towards providing quality services and products:

  • Deliver quality products on a timely basis.
  • Ensure effective quality check processes to achieve optimum performance of engines.
  • Stay compliant with all the regulatory and statutory requirements of the industry.
  • Ensure effective operations and monitoring of processes.
  • Be considerate of the effect of our operations on the environment.
  • We stay abreast with the latest quality standards in the industry to deliver the best results.

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